Rocky Creek Dog Agility

About Our Dogs

The Dogs that live at Rocky Creek have 31 Agility Championships, 1 Breed Championship, 1 Point Level Title and hundreds of titles in agility, rally and dock diving.


The Agility Dogs that live at Rocky Creek

Our Current Champions:

C-ATCHx7  L5-PLT SSACH TACH Dori  (Barrel Valley Adoration)
C-ATCHx2  SSACH Sadie  (Danlin's Sadiekins Jerrad)  

C-ATCH  SSACH Belle  (Rocky Creek Adorabelle)

SSACH Britney (Oops I did it again...Britney) 

 SSACH  Katy (Firework...Katy)

CH Darby (Danlin's Darby O'Reilly)

Our Retired Agility Dogs:
C-ATCHx4 SSACH TACH Rocky (Balboa's Rocky Road)
SSACH Tobey (Danna's Tobey Maguire) 

the rest of the Rocky Creek Agile Dogs

  (Lock-Eye You Belong With Me) 

Our Champions who are waiting at the bridge:
C-ATCHx3 TACH SSACH Beauty (Mystique's Black Beauty)
SSACH Whitey  (Haylay's White Lightening)
Reilly (Freckles O'Reilly)
SpCh Gypsy (The Gypsy's Crystal Ball)

We have a channel on You Tube where you can go and see lots of dogs doing agility!  Check it out:  It is called Agilecocker's Channel, or Rocky Creek Channel







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