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Lucas E. Malmer Memorial Scholarship

 We created the Scholarship Fund to raise the income required for the Scholarship.

The Reason for this Scholarship

Our family member, Lucas was a brilliant young man, but often struggled as a teenager.  He spent a lot of time in the Principal’s Office in Middle School,
and a fair amount of time explaining things to Police Officers as a High School Student.  He became a father for the first time as a teenager and was married
for the first time when he was very young.  He dropped out of College after just a few weeks and went to work in construction. His life was at times miserable,
depressing, and unfulfilling.

He met his second wife and turned his life around.  Things were finally going well for him, and he decided to go to Technical School to become an
Electrician – to better utilize his capabilities.  However, just weeks before school started he was diagnosed with Colon Cancer.  He never made it to school. 
The cancer took his life at the age of 33.

This Scholarship will provide money for one or more Ephrata Senior High School Seniors, who have been accepted into a Technical School. 

About the Scholarship

This will be awarded annually, as a one time award of $1,000+ (exact amount of scholarship will be announced at the Senior Awards Ceremony).

Criteria for this Scholarship

The applicant must be a Senior student at Ephrata Senior High School at time of application.

The applicant must be accepted in a Technical School.  The check will be made out to both the student and the school and must be used to directly offset the cost of attending the school.

The applicant must submit an essay or recording explaining the struggles they have had in their life, and why this scholarship would help them turn their life around.

The applicant should have a 2.0 GPA, or show that the GPA is improving.

The application and essay or recording must be turned into the Ephrata Senior High School Guidance Office.

We will hold interviews with the finalists prior to selection.

Non-Profit Status
The Lucas E. Malmer Memorial Scholarship Fund has 501-c-3 status.  Our EIN number is 47-1818561

LEMMSF Committee Members:

Kim L. Malmer       Margeau Cream        Laura Malmer        Mark Malmer       Haylay Young

Director LEMMSF             5K Coordinator                Voting Member               Voting Member              Voting Member

Lucas’ Mother                   Lucas’ Sister                    Lucas’ Wife                     Lucas’ Father                 Lucas’ Sister


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